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3D Print Lab - Jemma's Story


Jemma was born missing the right side of her heart. She was rushed to Phoenix Children's at just 1 day old. Just prior to her surgery, Jemma's team received a 3D model of Jemma's heart prior to surgery in order to enhance presurgical planning. Jemma was one of the first patients at Phoenix Children's Hospital to benefit from the novel technology. The surgeons and interventionalists held Jemma's heart in their hand before stepping foot into the operating room.


Jemma After Surgery   Jemma Today


Jemma underwent multiple open heart surgeries during her first year and will require additional procedures in the future, but she is now a healthy toddler. Today at 18 months old, Jemma has braved her way through five surgeries to repair her heart. She’s strong, happy and remarkably healthy and able to live her life as a typical toddler. See part of Jemma's story in the video below:


Source: ABC15

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