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3D Print Lab - Cole's Story


Cole prior to surgery.

At Phoenix Children’s Hospital, state-of-the-art 3D visualization and 3D printing technologies have been instrumental in aiding clinicians to provide the utmost of care to patients. Here we share a letter written by the mother of Cole, a patient in the Heart Center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. This family’s courage and positivity is truly inspirational.




Cole was born with several defects, including a double outlet right ventricle and a variant of hypoplastic left heart syndrome. We were lucky in that he was not shunt dependent, but his unique mix of defects made surgical planning a bit of a challenge. His first open heart surgery happened at 6 months of age, and thanks to the heart model and corresponding studies, there were few surprises during the surgery.





Cole now

Cole is now a thriving 2 year old. He has at least one open heart surgery in front of him, likely in the next few years. Today, he’s rambunctious and active and loves the outdoors.

The dedicated medical professionals like those at PCH are saving the lives of children like Cole. And they're doing it with technologies that were once just a dream. I tell Cole all the time to strive for his dreams - he’s a walking, talking example of someone else following theirs.


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