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Child Life Program

The hospital can be a stressful place for children. Phoenix Children's Child Life Program helps patients of all ages – and their families – develop ways to cope with fear, anxiety, and separation from home and school. Our staff works closely with family members during hospitalization. As the medical staff is attending to the child's physical needs, our Child Life Specialists are attending to the child's developmental, psychosocial, educational and emotional needs – which can be critical in the treatment and healing process.

Our specialists know it's important for kids to be kids – even when they're in the Hospital. To learn more about how a Child Life Specialist can help your child, please ask your nurse.


Child Life assistants supervise all playrooms, and plan crafts and other special activities. Playrooms are located on the first, second and fourth floors. All playrooms are open to healthy brothers and sisters, when they are with an adult. Please check with the Child Life Specialist for hours.

Toys and Games

Designed just for kids, playrooms offer a child-friendly atmosphere filled with arts and crafts, movies, and toys for all ages. Patients have access to portable PS2 and Gamecube systems on mobile carts that may be moved into your child's room. Children and teens may borrow board games, craft activities, books and other items from the playrooms and Teen Room to take back to their rooms.

Teen Room

The Teen Room is available for patients and siblings ages 10 and up. It is on the third floor and has music, video games (Xbox 2 and PS2), computers with Internet access and air hockey. Only patients over the age of thirteen may visit during non-program hours. Child Life Assistants offer planned group activities, please check with them for activities and hours.

Special Events

The Child Life Department often hosts special entertainment activities and celebrity visits for patients and families. Watch for informational flyers posted near playrooms.


The Emily Center is a library that offers information about child health, injury and illness. It has thousands of books, videos, CDs and articles for parents and children in English and Spanish. Registered nurses can help you find answers to your questions. The Emily Center also has computers where you can search health databases and the Internet. It is open, without charge, to everyone in Arizona. The Emily Center is on the first floor of the East Building, between the public connector and the elevators to the 2nd - 5th floors. If you want health information delivered to your child's bedside, call (602) 933-1400.

Nutrition Services

The clinical nutrition program at Phoenix Children's Hospital provides medical nutrition therapy to both inpatients and outpatients. Our registered dietitians and dietetic technicians work with interdisciplinary teams to coordinate comprehensive care plans, nutrition counseling, and education to meet the needs of patients and their families.

Food Services

At Your Request Room Service

Phoenix Children's Hospital is proud to bring our patients At Your Request™ Room Service Dining, a great new experience in hospital dining. This service gives you greater control over what you eat and when you eat it. We offer many kid favorites, including pizza, chicken nuggets, and pancakes. The ordering process is very simple. All you do is dial 3-3663 (FOOD) or if you are outside the Hospital dial (602) 933-3663.


Our Cafeteria is located on the first floor of our new Main Building. To get to the Cafeteria from the East Building, follow the signs to the public (north) connector. The hallway leads directly to new Cafeteria. Menus are posted on LCD screens at each food station. The Cafeteria does not accept personal checks, but there is a cash machine inside the East Building, Admissions waiting area. VISA and MasterCard are accepted.

1 Darn Cool School

School is an important part of a child's normal routine. When a child is hospitalized, it is important to continue this routine. This is why Phoenix Children's Hospital has 1 Darn Cool School for our patients.

Our school lets patients be productive in a positive and encouraging environment. When children continue their schooling while in the hospital, their anxiety levels are lowered and they feel better, physically and mentally. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

For more information or to speak with a teacher, please call the classroom at (602) 933-1706.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Phoenix Children's Hospital's provides an Animal-Assisted Therapy Program to patients and their families for therapeutic purposes.

Scientific research has shown that a patient's interaction with an animal can provide positive physical and emotional benefits. It can reduce stress levels and invoke a sense of well-being.

Animal-assisted therapy acts as a catalyst to motivate patients to help themselves. A child will happily take a dog for a walk, or throw the animal a ball, forgetting the pain for a little while and moving closer to going home.

For more information about animal-assisted therapy for your stay at the Hospital, please e-mail the program coordinator, Mary Lou Jennings, or call (602) 933-2136.

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