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COVID-19 Advisory: Visitor restrictions are in place for all Phoenix Children’s locations. Masks are required for all visitors and for patients ages 2+. For more information, visit our COVID-19 Resource Center.

Programs & Services

Colorectal Clinic

We have cutting edge teams of medical and surgical specialists who keep the patients up to date on the latest options. We use minimally invasive techniques to shorten recovery time and improve outcomes. Phoenix Children’s is a nationally-known leader in this field and our team participates in research and quality improvement efforts. Let us help you raise your babies and toddlers and lead your teenagers into a happier and more independent life, one that is not held back by medical or surgical challenges. We get it.


Prenatal support: If your baby has a prenatal diagnosis of an anorectal malformation, a cloaca or an exstrophy, we find it helpful for you talk to families that have been through this already. We have many parents and patients that would be happy to meet you to answer your questions and help reduce your fear and stress.

PartiesOur Colorectal Clinic offers workshops to patients and their families who are interested in education, making personal connections and providing support for those affected by an anorectal malformation. Many families are going through the same thing or have similar experiences. These workshops feature brief informational sessions and age-appropriate breakout sessions. Clinic physicians are available to offer support, encouragement and answer your individual questions.

School intervention: We have had families describe some of the challenges their children face in school and we are here to help. Special plans are available to educate teachers on the needs that children with bowel or bladder reconstructions have. Other parents are available as coaches and we are happy to call school administrators, nurses or educators as often as needed.

Coaching during milestones like potty-training: Each patient is different in terms of how and when they poop! We can help in every stage of the process. Sometimes knowing that someone else achieved success gives us hope. We regularly get patients and families together to discuss these issues and we learn something every time.  Patients who need help in the early years often become the coaches in the later years!

Social services: Many times the problems that come up in life affect how we can care for a family member with a medical condition. We will ask you questions about your unique situation in order to provide help or connect you to services. Many things help with a good outcome…not just the surgical procedures.

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