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Why Us?

Colorectal Clinic

Only teenaged focused clinic: No other clinic in the country invests in teens the way we do. We think about all the aspects of a teenager’s life that may be affected by their medical condition and we come up with ways to help them cope. Our kids feel empowered and we help them smooth out the bumps in the road that come with adolescence.

Collaborative Care: We customize your care by getting the right people on your team. Some patients require more than one specialist and we have multiple team members from surgery, urology, and adolescent gynecology who you will be able to meet at the same time. Our awesome coordinators get to know you and will help organize your personal team and keep everything on track.

Research: We have participated in national team efforts to add to the advances in care for patients with colorectal conditions. We will let you know about ways that your family can participate in the Pediatric Colorectal and Pelvic Learning Consortium (PCPLC) and the DSD-TRN, a group of teams that care for complex patients.

Steps of process (infographic) for a cloaca

  1. Prenatal diagnosis and birth plan
  2. Baby’s birthday
  3. Time in the NICU
  4. Going home and growing
  5. Evaluating the spine and the connections between bladder, intestines and reproductive tract
  6. Side trip to Neurosurgery in case a spine procedure is needed
  7. Planning an intestinal pullthrough to pass stool on the bottom
  8. Laparoscopic or open anorectal pullthrough and plastic surgery for the urinary and vaginal openings if possible
  9. Continued monitoring of bladder and kidney function
  10. In some cases, a bladder surgery to achieve dryness
  11. In some cases, a separate surgery to connect the vagina to the bottom or creation of a vagina later in life if born without one
  12. Dating/sexual function
  13. Reproductive Years

Transitional medicine: We are proud of our ability to take care of patients of all ages, from babies to young adults. We know that these special patients need someone who understands their anatomy and can address problems as they arise.  That’s why we have a transitional/adult congenital clinic that can connect patients to adult providers. We are always here and happy to help and there is no age limit for our patients.

Bowel management: We pay special attention to patients who are going through potty-training and entering school and we have regular clinic visits as well as fun out of the hospital gatherings to get everyone through the process.  Everyone is different and parents need a lot of tools in their toolbox to achieve success.

Mission statement: The Colorectal Clinic at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is dedicated to helping patients with anorectal malformations and other colorectal conditions pave a pathway to success in life by providing family-centered care and cutting-edge specialized services. We help each family with their unique journey.

Numbers of patients: We currently care for hundreds of patients who have been born in the last two decades and come to us for a helping hand in the different stages of life. We have performed many open and laparoscopic cloaca procedures and many of our families get to know each other and help support each other through the steps.

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