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COVID-19 Advisory: Help slow down the spread of the virus. If you have symptoms, call before going to a clinic or emergency department. We are restricting visitation to one primary caregiver per patient at all Phoenix Children’s locations. No visitors. For the latest updates on COVID-19 visit the Maricopa County Department of Public Health or the CDC.

Programs & Services

Cerebral Palsy Clinic

Since cerebral palsy affects the communication between the brain and the body’s muscles, it can cause permanent weakness or abnormal movements in those who have it. Therefore, we carefully match the needs of our patients to the expertise of our providers. Some children may be best served by a single specialist, such as in our Pediatric Movement Disorders Center, while others may require a comprehensive multidisciplinary team to manage their care.

During each appointment, an orthopedic physician, along with occupational and physical therapists, meet with the patient and family.

In addition to the Cerebral Palsy Clinic, our Complex Care Tone Management Clinic combines the medical, surgical and rehabilitation expertise of orthopedic physicians, neurologists, neurosurgeons and physical therapists to treat patients with more complex cases of cerebral palsy and similar disorders with tone management issues.

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