Pediatric Cardiology Programs

Cardiology Programs


The Phoenix Children's Heart Center provides a continuum of care to individuals from before birth through adulthood. The clinical programs provide multidisciplinary care from top pediatric specialists who handle the most complex cases. We believe in the team approach, and bring together diverse pediatric specialists, to provide children and their families with the best care.

The Children's Heart Center at Phoenix Children's Hospital is proud to provide the region's only dedicated pediatric heart transplant program. Pediatric heart transplants are among the most complicated procedures and patients require a lifetime of care. A heart transplant is recommended for children who have serious...

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Fetal Cardiology Program

The Fetal Cardiology Program offers evaluation, diagnosis and management of pregnancies at-risk for fetal structural heart defects and rhythm disturbances. Our Pediatric and Fetal Echocardiography Laboratory allows early detection of congenital heart anomalies...

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Pediatric Arrhythmia Program

The Pediatric Arrhythmia Program at Phoenix Children's Hospital diagnoses and treats children with congenital heart disease who have heart rhythm problems. This program would include possible use of...

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Pediatric Interventional Cardiology Program

Interventional cardiology is a specialty of cardiology that deals specifically with the catheter-based treatment of heart diseases. The following information is about some of the more common interventional cardiology procedures performed by the team of specialists in the Children's Heart Center at Phoenix Children's Hospital...

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Complex Congenital Heart Follow-Up Programs

Our comprehensive center of excellence coordinates the post-care of children who have undergone surgical procedures for congenital heart disease. The continuum of care begins with neonates to provide them complex congenital heart follow-up services through CHIEF and the Single Ventricle and Shunt Follow-up Program...

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Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program

There are now more adults living with congenital heart disease than children born with congenital heart disease. Many of these adults require life-long surgical follow-up and may require surgery to improve quality of life and survival. Surgical treatment for these individuals requires a comprehensive team that is experienced...

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Pediatric Heart Failure Clinic

The Pediatric Heart Failure Clinic at Phoenix Children's Hospital offers state-of-the-art pediatric cardiovascular care, beginning with a comprehensive evaluation that allows us to understand your child's heart problem fully. We take great pride in providing individualized management for our patients and their families...

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