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Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Knowledge Library (VKL)

Where volunteers should enter — a short video showing where to park and enter the Hospital.

Campus map - Phoenix Children's campus map specifically for volunteers.

Reminders — several reminders to help new volunteers get started.

English-to-Spanish phrases for volunteers — several Spanish phrases to help with wayfinding and greeting others.

Child development — a 15 minute video that describes how to work with patients at various stages of development.

The Human Connection — a video by Cleveland Clinic that helps everyone understand empathy in any hospital.

Isolation precaution signs —  review the signs on patient room doors and what you need to do before entering.

Medical equipment —  photo glossary of the more common types of medical equipment a volunteer may encounter with helpful tips for various situations.

Volunteer Human Resource Policy — our volunteer policy statement of Do’s and Don’ts.  

Seven qualities of being a great volunteer - brief article on the characteristics of a good volunteer authored by The Optimist.

ID Patients Correctly - training video for all volunteers and staff working with patients bedside or Transport.


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